Collection Update

I moved about 3 months ago and it’s taken about that long to get settled into my new place. I finished decorating this weekend and I feel like showing off my nerdy living space.

This is the type of post that really doesn’t need much text so I’ll shut up now and let the photos say the rest. Take a look and let me know what you think!

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When I started collecting otaku stuff I had the rough idea that I wanted being in my room to be something like going into another world. It hasn’t turned me into a light novel protagonist yet, but collecting it all has been a lot of fun.

3 thoughts on “Collection Update

  1. A very cool collection and displayed well! I have a much smaller version that I plan to expand and find some dedicated display shelves like yours. Probably when we move towards owning a house rather than renting so it’s a more permanent space.

    I find the cost to be pretty significant, however, which is probably the biggest barrier to buying more figures. I’ve also had a couple of unintentional forays into the world of cheap knockoffs which have put me off of trying to find decent deals. Which stores do you prefer for your figures?

    The other barrier is that i’m pretty picky when it comes to faces…which are difficult to get right when translating 2D characters into 3D models. I’m a big fan of interesting and quirky bases, though I wouldn’t say a boring base is a barrier for me. Do you have any particular likes or pet peeves for figure features?


    • The cheap way to do cases is to get Ikea detolf cases. The light strips are also from Ikea. Then I used weather stripping to seal them up. It worked out pretty well I think and cost a lot less than other cases would. One detolf is only around $60.

      I’m in a rented house right now and I dread moving. This took me a good 3 months to setup between cleaning them off, packing them up, unpacking them and then getting them all arranged. I could do it faster if push came to shove, but it wouldn’t be pleasant.

      Finding out you’ve been duped by knockoffs is always lame. I buy most of my figures by preordering them from either or I haven’t had to worry about knockoffs with either of these shops.

      What kind of figures I like most depends a bit. I like to look for figures that capture the personality of a character. I like dynamic figures with lots of stuff going on, but I also like the more static ones with a character in a simple pose almost like they are taking a photo or a pose that comes out of the original work.

      I think the biggest feature I look for is how well a figure captures a character’s personality and brings it to life. I like fancy bases and lots of extra details, but if doesn’t fit what I have in mind when I think of a character then it doesn’t really work for me.

      Some of the figures I’ve collected I got into because I like the original artwork they are based on. In those cases it’s really more about the design. Like the Seven Deadly Sins figures I have. Their anime is uh… Well it didn’t even exist when I bought them. I just like the design and like seeing the design brought to life. Faces are definitely a super important part of that. I can tell you which companies tend to be better at it than others if you have any specific figures you are curious about.

      One big thing I look for is how well represented the character’s costumes are. I won’t usually buy figures for characters I like if I don’t like their outfit. You’ll notice I only have like 7 school girl uniforms? Most of those are K-On!

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