Writing About Fiction With Purpose

Writing is important to me. It frames the way I think and in turn that frames the way I speak. The way I think influences the way I act. All that is obvious to some degree. It’s obvious, but I want to take a moment and reflect on it anyway.

When I first started writing I had a clear goal. I wanted to improve my capacity to communicate. It’s something I was awful at. The goal was to become good at expressing myself. It’s hard to explain why that’s important to me beyond the obvious. There is a beyond the obvious.

Less obvious than words are pictures and images. I value words because I need them to communicate. The value in what they communicate comes from somewhere deeper. Value coming from somewhere deeper doesn’t mean my understanding of an image isn’t abstract. I get the feeling that sometimes they are and sometimes they aren’t. I don’t have a good way to make a distinction other than to say there is one.

The relationship between imagery and the abstract is interesting to me. Some things that people know come from a place deep inside the subconscious. They don’t need intentional education to comprehend that imagery. The imagery and its purpose is already there. I don’t know if it’s known inherently, learned automatically, or taught instinctively. It seems to me all three of those things play a role.

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Reading Pretenses: – 01 Momoiro Closet

I’ve decided to start up a new blogging series for writing about visual novels and light novels. I picked Frontwing’s Momoiro Closet as my first victim. I picked it expecting something tame. I know it was crowdfunded and assumed that meant toned down for the western audience that helped fund it. Surely it must be something tame enough for western sensibilities! A perfect first choice to get back into the swing of blogging. I was naive…

Momoiro Closet is an adorable romance between an otaku couple. It tells the tale of how they meet and bond over their shared hobby. I say that even while needing to acknowledge something about our heroine Alice. She has a sex drive so high it could confuse the studliest of studly rabbits. Plus she has a vivid imagination to back it up. The later is the clear focus of this adventure as it progresses. Looking at Frontwing’s site I see lines about kids anime and cosplay nymphomania. The website makes things a lot more obvious, but well, I went in blind! Time to own up and write. This post might be a bit awkward…

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