A Year of AMVs 2015

I love AMVs. As the year comes to a close I usually find myself playing my favorite AMVs from the recent past as I work on my anime guide. This year I’ve decided to share them. Some of these AMVs are a bit older than 2015. This is my 2015 playlist primary pulled from youtube’s watch it again feed.

These 10 videos are the AMVs I found myself watching repeatedly shared for no better reason than because I can. It’s not a best of list or anything like that, but they are all videos I’ve enjoyed this past year. In no particularly order here they are. Merry Christmas!

One of my favorite anime fights in recent memory. I love this video for fitting music to a favorite fight in a way that is easy for me to imagine as Asuna’s battle cry. I have no way of knowing if Asuna has any real interest in metal covers of American pop music, but that won’t stop me from enjoying the AMV.

I loved the chemistry between Kumiko and Reina. Their relationship gave their anime an extra something special. I’d probably fall in love with any AMV that illustrates the passion shared between the two of them. This is the one that captured my attention.

Sometimes anime and music come together and manage to tell a completed story. I can’t say if the story in this video is the same story from the anime as I haven’t finished the anime yet. I can say that I hope to find the anime as beautiful and as heartbreaking as this AMV.

Jun Maeda is something of a hero for me. The way he weaves tragedy and hope into beautiful moments has left my awe stuck on many occasions. This video was sold to me as Jun Maeda singing his own “Angel Beats! style” song. It makes me wonder how much of his desire to share what he calls moments of beauty comes from his own desire for finding them.

I found this AMV at NDK’s Iron Chef competition. Aerialesque was one of the competitors and this video was shared to show off what she can do. I think it was made for the convention. Sadly, she wasn’t able to complete her contest video because of PC problems. Despite problems with the contest I’m glad she was there because I fell in love with the AMV she brought to the con. Dusk Maiden of Amnesia has one of my favorite anime romances so it’s really cool to have an AMV that captures it. I hope they bring her back again next year.

Seven Deadly Sins is an anime I only recently finished, but I started looking for AMVs as soon as the last episode ended. I didn’t like most of what I found, but I kept coming back to this one and it grew on me. The music fits the original story in a way that is easy to appreciate.

I don’t enjoy this song much, but it fits No Game No Life like a glove. If I didn’t know better I’d think the song was made for the anime. I keep hoping for a season 2 and I keep coming back to this AMV while I wait.

It’s ironic! They ARE superhuman, get it? Despite all the flack Freezing gets it has a few of my favorite characters in it. There is a weight to the story that I don’t find very often. The suffering characters go through is easy to invest in. The anime itself isn’t exactly the prettiest thing in the world and that can make getting into Freezing unappealing. This AMV makes Freezing look cool visually. That is no small feat.

Magi is an anime full of up and down moments. When it’s good it’s brilliant and when it’s bad it’s terrible. The ending story sequence is one of those bits of brilliance where everything comes together in a meaningful way. I think I’ve seen this song on a dozen different AMVs this past year, but none of them fit as well as Magi does.

My playlist is lacking in comedy, but I do have one funny video that is still able amuse me every time I watch it. This AMV manages to take a song about owning up to sins and turn it into a music video about sexual frustration. The transition is seamless. The way the AMV hijacks the song probably amuses me more than it should. Hopefully I’m not alone in that.

2 thoughts on “A Year of AMVs 2015

  1. Aw man, i’ve spent so long listening to Japanese music it’s weird to switch back to English XD

    Some good picks in there. I only have two AMVs on file, with one of them being more of a joke than anything and the other being a compilation. I’ma try to embed them but it’ll probably fail and make my comment look weird…


    • Both of those are great. Hercules is fitting and that collaboration video is awesome. I think I watch too much anime… I recognize nearly every show in that video. >_> Thanks for sharing!

      I have to admit I am no music expert myself, but I find AMVs are a fun window that connect anime and music.

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